Who are we?
We are a sensible, realistic, positive campaigning voice for Inverness active travel (walking, cycling, non motorised and public transport).

What do we want?
We want Inverness to be a better and safer place to walk, cycle, roll or stroll, regardless of age, income or ability.

Why OYSI (Own Your Street Inverness)?

We want a city shaped around human beings and our community. It is about all of us, together, making our city nicer, healthier and greener place to live.

What will OYSI do?

  • Campaign for better infrastructure for walking, cycling and all ability access.
  • Organise events that bring the community together.
  • Inform  about upcoming events / meetings / consultations.
  • Collaborate with other like minded groups.

Want to get involved?

We are just starting out and we need your support. You might not realise that you have a skill we might value… So get in touch!

Email info@ownyourstreetinverness.org

What is coming up…

Dates for OYSI AGM meeting TBA soon (offer from the Highland Council to come and talk us through what they are planning).

Pedal on Parliament 2019! Get your thinking caps on and get involved! It is likely to be a weekend at the end of April.

Academy Street public consultation

Accessing Inverness project – Public Consultation

OYSI is really pleased to see some great plans for Academy Street and the surrounding area which are currently under consultation (this project is called Accessing Inverness). Read more about the plans here.

The city centre really needs this project  – Academy Street is not exactly an easy or pleasant place to walk down at the moment, with narrow pavements, a lot of traffic, and not particularly safe on a bike.

The plans are a good compromise and bring a breath of fresh air with some nice green touches. There are some concerns about how the crossings will be safe for visually impaired pedestrians which still need to be addressed.

OYSI suspects this will massively boost businesses along Academy Street, as there is good evidence from other cities that similar changes increase footfall: https://cyclingfallacies.com/en/3/shopkeepers-rely-on-people-driving.

Read more about the plans here.

This is your chance to have your say: you can respond to the proposals by clicking on the following link before February 2nd:




First steps…

January drawing to a close, and a sense of real momentum building. Lots of great things bubbling away in Inverness… What have we achieved this month? Well, lots of conversations, to start off with! Long chats with Brian from the Highland Cycle Campaign on teaming up for better impact. Great meeting with Catriona Burgess from …

Pedal on Parliament 2019… get your thinking caps on

Year on year, Pedal on Parliament has grown as an event across Scotland. We are looking for anyone who might want to get involved in the 2019 edition in Inverness… Email us at info@ownyourstreetinverness.org. And watch this space for more info… Don’t forget in the meantime that there is the Accessing Inverness public consultation underway …