Who are we?
We are a sensible, realistic, positive campaigning voice for Inverness active travel (walking, cycling, non motorised and public transport).

What do we want?
We want Inverness to be a better and safer place to walk, cycle, roll or stroll, regardless of age, income or ability.

Why OYSI (Own Your Street Inverness)?

We want a city shaped around human beings and our community. It is about all of us, together, making our city nicer, healthier and greener place to live.

What will OYSI do?

  • Campaign for better infrastructure for walking, cycling and all ability access.
  • Organise events that bring the community together.
  • Inform  about upcoming events / meetings / consultations.
  • Collaborate with other like minded groups.

Want to get involved?

We are just starting out and we need your support. You might not realise that you have a skill we might value… So get in touch!

Email info@ownyourstreetinverness.org

What is coming up…

Velocity hosts: Live from Edinburgh – Climate, Transport and Cycling

Wednesday 20th March at 7pm Velocity https://www.facebook.com/events/573540746476347

Velocity hosts the evening:  “Join us at Velocity for a livestream of the panel discussion and Q&A on the role sustainable transport plays in tackling climate change. Transport is Scotland’s largest source of climate emissions, yet car trips and miles are projected to keep increasing: a clear signal we need to rethink our transport infrastructure and behaviours.

We team up with Spokes, the Lothian Cycle Campaign, to bring live streaming of this event to Inverness. Panel speakers will include Claudia Beamish MSP, Alex Luetchford (2050 Climate Group), Dave Gorman (Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability, University of Edinburgh), and Caroline Rance (Friends of the Earth Scotland). Come hear from these experts, and meet like-minded people here in Inverness!

Cafe will be open – hot drinks and cakes available. Doors at 7, discussion kick-off at 7:30.

Check out Spokes website for more details about the event: http://www.spokes.org.uk/2019/02/spokesmtg-20-march-climate-transport-cycling/”

Highland Cycle Campaign AGM

Thursday 21st March at 6.45 for 7pm start at the Spectrum Centre.

Please come and get involved in the HCC to hear about what is going on locally in terms of projects. There will be updates about a number of local projects including Accessing Inverness, A82, Extinction rebellion, Air pollution monitoring and the WheelNess program.

Open to all.

Pedal on Parliament – Pop Up weekend

Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April – small punchy photogenic events…  If you want to get involved, please email ownyourstreetinverness@gmail.com


Accessing Inverness – Academy street and around

The public consultation phase of Accessing Inverness project has closed.  It is now at the stage of going past the councillors in the Inverness area committee.

This is one of the projects which gets part of its funding nationally from Sustrans, so it is quite complicated in terms of the hoops that the project has to get through – the local Council hoop is the first level, but any final designs will have to be acceptable to Sustrans in order to meet their funding terms.

Locally there is a sense that a project of this scale is long overdue, and there is a general positivity about the concept of making Academy street more cycle and walk friendly, and a more agreeable environment to be in. Overall, the proposals are a great step forwards.

As ever however, there is a range of views on the designs, which highlight the lack of an agreed national standard for design of streetscapes (something that is being worked on at the moment, but may not be delivered within the time frame of this project).

Balancing the needs of car drivers versus cyclists versus pedestrians is always at the core of many debates in these sorts of projects, and everyone will have different views.

Currently, Academy Street is car-centric. The proposed designs redress that balance towards pedestrians and cyclists, but do represent a compromise as they are not proposing segregated areas, and there is a question mark about how traffic will be reduced to Academy street.

The RNIB have campaigned hard locally to voice their concerns about the lack of provisions for signalled crossings: the local councillors have heard those concerns and asked for a further assessment to be done, and will look back at proposals again in the coming month. 

There will be a range of views, and there are limited options in terms of solutions, and some compromise needs to be reached. Do we want to see Academy Street transformed? Absolutely yes. Do we want to see the needs of cars continue to dominate? Absolutely no.

But the debate is not over yet as to what that compromise might look like. Once there is a nationally agreed set of standards, it will be much easier as all submitted applications for funding will have to comply with those standards. But this is an “in between” project, and we have more to hear yet.





First steps…

January drawing to a close, and a sense of real momentum building. Lots of great things bubbling away in Inverness… What have we achieved this month? Well, lots of conversations, to start off with! Long chats with Brian from the Highland Cycle Campaign on teaming up for better impact. Great meeting with Catriona Burgess from …