Midsummer Inverness 2018

Here’s the challenge: can you use the streets, parks, pavements, paths and outdoor spaces of Inverness and surrounds on foot, by bike, on a scooter, on a skateboard, or however else you choose, for at least twenty minutes, on Thursday June 21st?

We want Inverness to lead the way in making our streets and outdoors spaces safe, friendly, and lovely for walkers and cyclists of all ages, all incomes and all abilities, whatever their motivation.

So get your thinking caps on and show us what you come up with!

You can do it alone, or as a group, you can take your dog, or your deckchair, you can just walk round the block, join a led walk or cycle, you can get to work by bus, or walk to see your nan, pack your tent and head off for the hills, or organise a teaparty. Or maybe just sit in your garden and watch the sky, the birds or the flowers.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it is using the streets or outdoor spaces, in or around Inverness. If you say or nod hello to one other person along the way, job done! And if you have to drive that day, you can show your support for making our streets a better place by sticking to 20mph.

We believe that it is as showing, as a community, how we use our common space or how we would like to use it, that we can best help shape Inverness into a fine city for the future!

We want to hear about what you did and why you did it, what motivated you and what you got out of it.

And if you are in a group, club or neighbourhood that can put on an event, let us know and we will share it.

How you can help us

Tell us what you are doing or plan to do that day

Share your experience and photos

Share this with others

Let us help you

Need to know if what you are planning is ok to do?

Want to let people know about your plans?

Need a bike but can’t afford one?

How to contact us


Examples of things you could do

“I cycled to school – that is what i do everyday”

“we paid for a parking space and set up deckchairs and had a tea party – i’d heard of other places doing that and it looked fun”

“A few of us parents at the school have organised to go cycling with the kids after school – wewant the streets to be safer for kids to cycle on, and so the more people get out on their bikes the better!”

“I cycled to work – i normally do”

“I walked round the block – I want to get fitter”

“a few of us at work signed up to this and plan to go to work on foot or by bike or public transport on the 21st – we all want to do something for the environment”

“I walked along the new Westlink distributor road path –  i wanted to see the new bridge”

“I went on a nature walk – i want to meet new people and find out stuff”

“my friends and I went to the skate park – it’s what we do anyway”

“my neighbours and i had a street party – there are new neighbours down the road we hadn’t meet yet”

“i kayaked to work down the Ness – i like a challenge!”

“Me and my mates are going for a midnight mountain bike – wooooohooooo!”

Our challenge is to get at least 6,123 people (that is 10% of the city) doing something, however small, and if possible  telling us what they’ve done, and why. Can you help us?


8 Replies to “Midsummer Inverness 2018”

  1. On the evening of the 21st of June the family are going to walk around the Fasgadh Community Woodland project at Leachkin, Inverness. We’ll take the wee dog for a walk and we’ll be speaking Gaelic most of the time. We’ll probably end up singing a few songs too. A great way to celebrate the summer solstice.

    1. Brian thanks for letting us know, that sounds like the perfect midsummer! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine last night.

  2. Me and the little adventurer will be our on our bikes commuting to swim lessons, and playing in the park afterwards, using the quieter 20mph streets in town to travel with toddler

  3. I cycled to and from work – I cycle every day, regardless of the weather. It is a great way to start and finish the day. No stress of being stuck in traffic or having to find a parking space. Sets me up for the day, healthier option with feel good vibes 🙂

    1. Hi Jon
      We tried to come into the grounds while you were playing cricket but the gates were locked! It prompted good chat about the NMP however! Thanks for sharing your Midsummer activities.
      Best wishes

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