What you told us about your Midsummer’s Day

Here are some of the messages we got – thank you to all those who got in touch!

“I cycled to and from work – I cycle every day, regardless of the weather. It is a great way to start and finish the day. No stress of being stuck in traffic or having to find a parking space. Sets me up for the day, healthier option with feel good vibes .”

“Me and the little adventurer will be our on our bikes commuting to swim lessons, and playing in the park afterwards, using the quieter 20mph streets in town to travel with toddler.”

“At my work, 7 people cycled to work, 4 visitors cycled/walked and used public transport to get to us and 6 of us went on a lunchtime walk.”

“On the evening of the 21st of June the family are going to walk around the Fasgadh Community Woodland project at Leachkin, Inverness. We’ll take the wee dog for a walk and we’ll be speaking Gaelic most of the time. We’ll probably end up singing a few songs too. A great way to celebrate the summer solstice.”

“I was out of town all day. I’ve just had a brisk 25 minute walk” [from a taxi driver]

“Great walk, cycle & blether this evening with a fun bunch of people. Looking forward to the next one.”

“As we were unable to attend the events today we tried to get out ourselves. My wife and two youngest kids went for a 4 mile bike ride to Whin Park via the canal and I and my eldest went running for an hour at the UHI campus.”

“Cycle to work this morning for #ownyourstreetinverness… great view from the cycle path over River Ness. More routes like this through the city would be great!”

“Still able to #ownyourstreetinverness when in the Longman Estate… Ben Wyvis sneaking in there.”

“A motorist blasted his horn at the Drummond lights… If there had been 30 cars instead of bikes in front of him, he’d have been waiting a lot longer!”

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