A sunny Cycle Surgery…

WheelNess launch

Saturday saw a busy event of all things cycling at one of the GP surgeries in town. There was a good turn out with a wide age range, with Mary, 83, lifelong enthusiastic cylist, our new mascot! She only stopped cycling three years ago when too many cars chased her off the roads. She misses the wind in her hair zooming around town and has found that a mobility scooter just isn’t quite the same. She misses pedalling!

The launch of WheelNess got off to a sunny start: this is a local collaboration funded by Cycling UK that aims to bring cycling within reach of 150 people who might not otherwise have cycled. For any info contact brendan.dougan@cyclinguk.org or fiona.johnston@cyclinguk.org.

Dave was the ace Doctor Bike from Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop who was kept busy all day mending people’s bikes and teaching some basic skills.

The Home Energy Scotland team kept everyone up to speed with free trials of their ebikes and info on ebike loans. Several people signed up for their free ebike trials. Call them on 0808 8082282 or visit their website http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/home-energy-scotland if you want a trial as well!

Cycling Without Age Inverness was also there with their trikes attracting a lot of attention. Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWAInverness/ for more information. They have done a great job of taking out folk who can no longer cycle or get out much for spins around town and along the river.

The whole event was possible thanks to a Big Bike Revival grant from Cycling UK. Cycling UK are still open for grant applications for a few more weeks if you want to get funding to run a Doctor Bike at your workplace! Contact fiona.johnston@cyclinguk.org.

WheelNess to Wellness project, Inverness Launch.

Photo: Paul Campbell


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