2018 – Jenny’s world record, Lee’s appointment and OYSI finding its voice

Before we get on to 2019 proper, let’s just finish 2018 by celebrating two great Inverness inspirations.

Jenny Graham:  fastest unsupported cycle around the world, utter legend, all the more so for her self effacing nature, her seemingly permanent good cheer, and her complete can-do attitude. If she doesn’t create a generation of Inverness cyclists, I’m not sure what will. Read more about her world record here.

Lee Craigie: the big news of December 2018 was the appointment of Lee as Active Nation Commissioner. Local to Inverness, as many of your will know, a founding member of Velocity Cafe and Bicycle Workshop, Lee is a former elite athlete and an Adventure Syndicateer who is an inspiration for many, many people. She has a natural ability to connect across all ages – her youth work coaching teenagers for events like the Strathpuffer and her BBC Radio Scotland series Life Cycles earlier in the year are great witnesses to that.

The last year has been one of finding our feet here in Own Your Street Inverness (OYSI): making connections, starting to form key relationships, working out what our goals are, learning how to use social media, learning about local decision making.

Jenny and Lee set the tone for us this year, looking ahead: this is about trying to do something you believe in (making Inverness a better place), even if you are an amateur, with the skills and the means available, with good cheer, and trying to connect with everyone, across the ages and across the whole of society.

So if you are motivated to do something positive in 2019, join us! You can follow us on Facebook  or Twitter or email us at info@ownyourstreetinverness.org.

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  1. So important to spread the positive message about foot and pedal power, and especially to get kids involved early for the next generation…and to make it as safe as possible for them to get around without a motor. I am involved in Kirkhill and Bunchrew paths group and working with others at the school to encourage active travel; a petition just started through school to make Inchmore safer as the crossing not ideal (no warning signs etc) and the speed limit 40 with narrow pavements. Perhaps OYSI would be interested in supporting this?

    1. great plan Alice! send us some more information of how people can sign up to the petition and we will publish it on the website, facebook and twitter. Thanks for your support!

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