First steps…

January drawing to a close, and a sense of real momentum building. Lots of great things bubbling away in Inverness…

What have we achieved this month? Well, lots of conversations, to start off with! Long chats with Brian from the Highland Cycle Campaign on teaming up for better impact. Great meeting with Catriona Burgess from RNIB. Waiting to hear back from Disability Highland Community of Practice. A great first meeting with Stuart Black and his team that you can read about here. Starting to have chats with the taxi community about how to work together as well.

January has been a month of many milestones for Inverness and cycling: after the great news that Lee Craigie was made Active Nation Commissioner in December, lots of inspiring talks by Jenny Graham about her Round the World adventures, Sustrans’ iBike projects going really well with Velocity developing their Go By Cycle project in schools to complement their existing fantastic Bike Academy and Cycle to Health projects, Cycling UK’s WheelNess program going very well with now nearly 150 bikes matched with people who might never have cycled otherwise, some great evaluation coming out of it with powerful stories, the possibility of an All Ability Bike Centre being discussed for the campus, Cycling Without Age reached its 1000th passenger-ride in 8 months and had its latest trikes delivered.

It’s also been a month of public consultations – on the 20mph bill, on the Torvean site and the Accessing Inverness project – we are learning about how to phrase things and have really valued the help and advice from GoBike and Walk Cycle Vote. A steep learning curve!

The month also started with good news about funding for OYSI and our Festival of Walking and Cycling – but ended with the bad news that we may not be able to get match funding for it and may therefore lose it. We are desperately looking for funds to build some capacity to deliver our vision – so watch this space for more news. And if you can think of any pots of gold, please contact us at

The priorities for February?

  • Getting transparency about what projects are brewing and using the website as a repository for these.
  • Organising our first AGM
  • Planning Pedal on Parliament 2019
  • Focus on walking, public transport and accessibility
  • Working with Sustrans on a”schools, taxis, public transport and police” Share with Care campaign
  • Continue to campaign for a joined up approach to the A82. It’s not good enough to say “it’s BEAR Scotland’s problem” – it is a whole city problem.
  • Keeping those conversations happening…

There is a lot on our plate – but it’s all fun and in a good cause!

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