2019 will hopefully see the launch of OYSI as a constituted group. Watch this space for some of the things we would like to campaign about and tell us if there are other things that you would like to see happen.

The main national campaign issue that needs your say in January is the 20mph bill  – several of our local MSPs are on the committee that oversees this bill – time to use your democratic voice. Read about it here.

Locally, our first real test in 2019 is going to be around the upgrade to the A82 crossing of Inverness. Read about this here.  We also need to look at the bigger picture of Inverness, in particular with creating safe riverside routes along the North bank of the Ness, and specifically Huntley Street, as well as the Culduthel road / Drummond road corridors into town.

There are several local public consultations underway in January which need your voice to help build safe infrastructure: Accessing Inverness (Academy street and around), as well as the Torvean development. Read more about these here.

We are hoping to work closely with the taxi community and some primary schools on a campaign around safe road sharing – getting kids on bikes to school is the answer to many problems, but they need not only the infrastructure, but also the behaviours that help… more about this soon as well. We are really excited about this campaign…. Watch the blog for news.

Highland Cycle Campaign, whom we are teaming up with, are doing a wee survey on pollution levels for cyclists in Inverness – they are gathering data from regular commuters who have pollution monitors fitted on their bikes. We will keep you posted on the results of this study.

Finally, a goal for 2019 is to get a few Play Day road closures in residential areas on the calendar for later this year: let’s redress the imbalance from a 0/365 ratio to a 2/363 ratio of who Owns Your Streets… cars or us.